Dorje and Compana Tibetana 2,5x1.5cm.
Dorje and Compana Tibetana 2,5x1.5cm.

Dorje and Compana Tibetana 2,5x1.5cm.

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Tibetan Bell (in Sanskrit "Ghanta"), according to Hindu philosophy, symbolizes Nada-Brama or the "Sound of the Grain", originating from Brahma-the highest deity. The bell is used in many religions, so it can be found in any temple.

In Buddhism, the bell is a female symbol (along with the lotus). Its sound symbolizes emptiness as the nature of all phenomena and an aspect of intuitive wisdom.

* Dorje is an artistic and architectural representation of spiritual dynamics, its origin is believed to be in a kind of trident that Buddha snatched from Indra and transformed by closing the ends into what we now know as Dorje or Vajra, making it the symbol of supreme and indestructible power.

Dorje is used during meditation as a balancer of the masculine and feminine.

Wearing a Dorje or Vajra allows the user to connect with their inner strength and power to create peace and harmony.

Vajra as it is called in Sanskrit means: like a diamond, it represents hardness, eternal durability, Vajra is indestructible, it represents spiritual power that can destroy but cannot be destroyed.

Handmade in Nepal

Material: Copper