Buddha Eyes Mandala Ø3cm.

Buddha Eyes Mandala Ø3cm.

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The Buddha Eyes symbol is used to enhance knowledge, wisdom and compassion.

The Tibetan word for mandala is Khil-Khor, which literally means "the center and the surroundings," but is sometimes also translated as "sacred circle." There are several types of mandalas used for different purposes. On the one hand, there are the mandalas elaborated or visualized "as a pure land of Buddha", which are offered to enlightened beings and / or spiritual masters with the intention of accumulating merit. Another type of mandalas are those used during a tantric initiation, where the mandala represents the residence of the Buddha related to said initiation and the teacher introduces the disciple to the meaning of the mandala as part of the ritual. In this context, the mandalas used for the ceremony can be painted on fabric, created with colored sand or simply visualized. Sand mandalas, in turn, can be made at the request of the community with the intention of pacifying natural disasters, bringing peace and harmony to a certain place and its inhabitants, as a blessing during a meditation retreat, or to consecrate medicines in the case of a mandala related to the Medicine Buddha.

Handmade in Nepal

Material: Bronze, Alpaca, Turquoise and Lapis